Cultural initiative
Культурна ініціатива,
громадська організація

The purpose of creation and of the Organization is promoting the development of civil society in the Region, Proceedings of the cultural, environmental, sporting, educational, educational and scientific activities.

     The organization of seminars and conferences devoted to the study and the study of political-legal, social, cultural, psychological and other components of civil society, the characteristics of its formation in Ukraine, forms of interaction between state and civil society on Ukrainian soil, their constitutional and legal regulation, improvement of forms and methods of public participation in human rights activities.

Participation in events and actions to improve the cultural, educational, environmental, recreational areas of society.

Informing the public about activities NGO "Cultural Initiative" once a year because of coverage in the media.

Establishing and maintaining direct contacts with European NGOs.

The objectives of a

• draw public attention to the protection and preservation of world cultural heritage sites and monuments on the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast;

• creating conditions for dialogue between cultures and peoples based on respect for common values. "

• access and area residents with information about new developments in the field of ecology and their possible application in everyday life, public debates;

• a pro bono conferences, roundtables and trainings involving specialists in ecology;

• organization and holding of sports events free of charge;

• Organization development and description of new tourist routes and introducing them to visiting tourists from Ukraine and abroad;

• organization at no cost seminars to acquaint residents and businesses of the city and region with the possibilities of alternative energy sources;

• educational activities aimed at studying the geography, history and culture of his native land, organizing and conducting seminars at no charge, residents meetings with historians, ethnographers.